Training on the Virtual Track

The last Formula One race had me thinking that I would make a great race car driver. I wanted to get behind the wheel of one of those fast, powerful cars, but I had no experience with driving the cars, and I had no way of getting one, so I did the next best thing. I got a few video games that would let me race the same kinds of cars that the pros do, and I got a steering wheel that was similar to the ones used in the cars. By playing the video game with the steering wheel, I would essentially train myself to drive a car.

When I started the game and tried to use the steering wheel, it was a much different than how I was used to playing video games. Normally I would play them by using a regular controller, which worked, but it wasn’t as immersive as using the wheel. When I tried the wheel, I couldn’t get a handle on it at first. Continue reading “Training on the Virtual Track”