Medals France Won in the Olympic Games

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A Short History

Even before delving into how well France performed during the last Olympic Games, it is prudent we first understand what the Olympics and Sports in general means to France.

The origin of the Olympic games is quite interesting and as someone who loves France, you might want to note some historical fun facts concerning the Olympics.

Modern-day Olympics originated from ancient Greece where games were staged in Olympia from around 776 BC through to around 393 AD.

This games’ hosting became dormant, and it took around 1503 years for them to return.

When they returned the first modern Olympics were held in Athens Greece 1896. Guess what? The man responsible for this Olympic rebirth was a Frenchman named Baron Pierre de Coubertin!  Through this founder, France has been at the heart of the Olympics all along and still is.

The country has also been among the most active states in the Olympics since 1836. It is in fact among the very few states that can boast of having participated in all of the summer games.

France takes the number two slot in most Olympic events ever hosted with six (three summers, three winters) and it follows the United States which has nine. France is also set to host the next Olympic games in 2024.

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics France had a total of 33 medals and ranked 10th overall in states with the highest attained medals.

Below is a statistical account of how France performed medal wise.

1. Gold Medals

France had a total of 10 gold medals in the concluded 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This was an addition to the 216 gold medals that France has won since 1896. Of this, the first gold medal France won was a volleyball medal.

The French men beat the Russians in five straight sets to take the top position. Other fields France excelled at clutching gold include handball (men and women), judo (mixed team and women), Rowing (men), fencing (men’s foil) Karate (men) and the rapid-fire pistol.

The French athletes have been formidable in fencing more than any sport in the Olympics and this culture has been maintained even in the recent Olympics.

Some French sportsmen showcased legendary prowess too.

Clarisse Agbegnenou, Teddy Rinner of Judo, Nikola Karabatic and Grace Zaadi of Handball are going down in French Olympic history as the greatest of all time.

2. Silver

These are the most medals that France brought home.

France managed to have 12 silver medals, a number higher than that of gold and bronze.

These medals were achieved in the men’s Decathlon, Basketball (men), Fencing (women), Judo (women), Rowing (women), Rugby (women), windsurfing (men and women) and swimming (men).

The most heated event was the men’s basketball where France lost gold to the United States with a thin margin of 87-82.

Even though the French team showed some valour and sportsmanship the United States players such as the All-Star Kevin Durant exemplarily held a stiff competition. Kevin Durant gave his all, leading to a game-high of 29 points for him alone.

France added these twelve medals to 246 other silver medals it has won over the years in the Olympics since 1896.

3. Bronze

France won bronze in Basketball (women), cycling (men), fencing (women), judo (men and women) Sailing(women) Taekwondo (women) and mixed relay.

France in total had 11 bronze medals which was an addition to the 269 bronze medals that France has accumulated over the years in the Olympic games since 1896.

The most mind-boggling bronze medal was the women’s basketball. The French sportswomen showed great resilience when they bounced back from a humiliating beating by Japan in the semi-finals.

They beat Serbia bagging the coveted bronze medal in a manner that has been said to be gratifying as sweet revenge.

France generally gave a satisfactory performance at the Olympics.